Dear Erica Ngozi Ugomma Nlewedim   

My name is Thelma. I’m 18 years old and am one of your fans, I’m an Elite.    I just want to say you’re the most sweetest and most amazing soul I have ever met. Your smile, personality, beauty, how you carried your self, your voice is everything. God really took his time in creating you baby girl.   YOU’RE OPEN MINDED, GOD- FEARING, TALENTED, REAL, OVERCOMER, CONFIDENT, STRONG, AMBITIOUS, INDUSTRIOUS, HARDWORKING LADY. You always go for what you want.You’re always ready to learn new things despite how difficult or easy it may seem.. Never ashamed to say you’re wrong ,never ashamed to say you were at fault, always ready to admit your mistakes, always ready to apologize if you’re wrong…YOU’RE A PEACE MAKER.  Anybody would be so damn lucky to have you in their life. I can’t believe that I have already fallen in love with someone I have not even met. The love I have for you is so unbreakable I can’t stop loving you and everything about you…you presence makes me happy. The way i love you is as if you’re my sister.      

I Look up to you Erica and whenever I see you I see myself that’s was why I was drawn to you. It may sound funny or weird but have got similar character as yours both positive and negative ways because I know we are not perfect.  I love you Erica, I love everything about you. You’re a good person, a rare gem, my favorite housemate. Your smile and laughter always make my days and nights. And most especially YOU’RE MY ROLE MODEL I LOOK UP TO YOU. all I want to see is for you to be happy, great and successful.. I want you to achieve your goal. have a great and wonderful career.   I just have one request for you, can I be your younger sister or your kid sister or a friend . I don’t want anything materialistic from you. All I want is someone to be there for me and someone to advice me when am in need of one. some I can share my happiest and sad moments with. I want you to be the big sister I never had.  I pray God bless you, Whatever you shall lay your hands upon shall prosper. success, favour, blessing, opportunities, open doors breakthrough shall always be with you and be your portion.. I pray God keep on Protecting, guarding,providing for you.. I pray for good health and gift of life in Jesus name.. Amen