Erica Ngozi Ugomma Blessing Nlewedim .I gave you OLUWAFIFEHANMI because you have shown me true love without you knowing and has also shown me how to love unconditionally.

ERICA my love, my bestie, the reason for my living, an embodiment of beauty, the girl with the priceless smile, an exceptional lady, an adorable human, the one and only Star Girl, the pandemic of the year, the most beautiful girl on earth, a lady with an heart of Gold, the lady who I draw my strength from, an attentive and emphatic listener, a lover of God and a believer of his word, the lady who wore her heart on her sleeves and never ceased to show the world how vulnerable and imperfect she can be, no one is perfect and baby girl your imperfections are beautiful, you kept me on my toes and left me with a mind of wanting to unravel all sides of you, I respect and adore the kind of lady you are, you are so strong and independent

Erica your name means powerful and you have shown that you are a powerful woman

Ngozi means Blessing and which your other name is also blessing, my girl you are never a mistake, you are a blessing to this world and especially made for me cause you saved my life.

Ugomma means Beauty, my baby you are all round beautiful, you are beautiful in person and also beautiful at heart

ERICA YOU ARE THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME THIS YEAR AND I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS PRAY FOR YOU AND SUPPORT YOU, I keep sending prayers to you every morning cause that’s my good intentions towards you and I genuinely pray for you every morning, am a single mother and your story has made me question how I want to raise my son, it is difficult for me honestly but I draw strength from you Erica and that’s why I will always wish the best for you, I pray the Lord continue to anoint your head and grease your leg with the balm of Gilead, he will open unimaginable doors for you and he will lift you high above your expectations, i pray you have genuine happiness and never have a reason to be sad again and may he grant all your heart desires

I can’t wait to talk to you and possibly get to meet you to hug you tight cause I honestly need your hug for you to tell me it’s going to be fine cause you are the strong woman I want to be and lastly my son would love to say hi to you cause he’s always shouting Erica, I love Erica 🤣 am sure he will be so happy if he gets to talk to you, I hope this happens soon my love, we are waiting for you to come out and take over the world, but we also need you to get all the rest you need and if you need a personal makeup artist I am always here for you️.