#DearErica, Nigerian



I always knew you went there real because you made me feel all emotions that a normal person feels. I smiled, felt happiness, tears, anger and joy because of you and that’s perfectly human.I miss anticipating what you would wear everyday. I miss yearning to see you on my screen. I miss all the hbp’s you gave me after Saturday parties. 

I love your child-like heart. It’s so milky, pure and free of blemish. I love your self-confidence and strong will-power. I love the strength you unknowingly gave to sexually expressive women in Africa especially Nigeria where it’s almost seen as a crime for a woman to express PDA or be in charge. 
6th September was the beginning of a new journey for you and I smile to the stars always knowing that their queen will keep adding a sparkle to their brightness. 
I love you Erica! Keep reigning my queen