Dear Erica,

I literally wish you could see the joy on my face as I write this. Well, since you can’t, just imagine the purest love through a wide smile.
When I saw this on your story, I knew there was absolutely no way I wasn’t writing you a letter.
Be as it may that you’d get thousands of letters, I really hope you read mine and it makes you happy cos that’s really all i want you to be in life.

You did amazing, absolutely; regardless of the outcome and your shortcomings, I saw through your large heart and beautiful smile and that’s what made me fall in love.

Erica, we don’t call you star girl for nothing mehn. That’s literally what you are, A STAR, and you’d remain that. I miss you o, we miss seeing your face over our screens but hey take your time. We’re going absolutely no where and when it’s the best time for you to resurface, I’ll be here to cheer you on all the way!

I absolutely love you Erica Nlewedimmm, my star girl. May God continuously bless, uplift and favor you all your life, amen!

P.s I absolutely love what you and Tbaj share, that’s my babe too! Torica 4L! Go forth and shine my darling!

With all my love!