#DearErica, Nigerian


I remember the first time i noticed you,I was still trying to pick a fave,you were sharing small chops and asking praise why he was pronouncing puff puff the non Nigerian way, and then when you didn’t get a bed and you were complaining about why you were dulling and wen tricky tee helped you to carry you box , and then your diary session sealed the whole deal for me, I was like it’s youu, and so since then my love for you has grown so much,that I see you as my family, one of my big sisters. The way I could relate to you was on another level,I made my mum love you, me and my friends will talk about you for hours and praise how beautiful you are.Erica your beauty is so rare,your heart is so pure,you have taught me alot in just 49days ,the best 49days of 2020 for me.I just want you to know that you are greatly loved in allll,I love you even in your mistakes, because I see you as family ,and family will always be there for you no matter what, you didn’t win the show,but you won my heart and the hearts of millions,you left bbn with an army,with a family that will fight for you no matter what, keep being who you are,cause that’s who I fell in love with,nobody is perfect never forget.i pray for you every single day. Love you so much, Queendoline