Dear Erica,
First off, I want you to know that you are amazing, beautiful inside and out. You are graceful. To know you is to love you Erica. 
How this love grew is something I still can’t explain till now, but I know I love you so much. I don’t believe that I would love anyone the way I do love you knowing fully well that we’ll probably not meet one on one but regardless my Star girl ⭐⭐ am your biggest fan. A loyal one at that.
I see you, I understand you, regardless of what people have to say about you, their opinion has no effect on how much i appreciate you ⭐⭐ girl. I want you to succeed and prove the world wrong. You are favoured sweetheart.
My family loves you, I remember my mum and aunty saying, if only they can get to talk to Erica once, they will be so glad. Erica they love you. Everyone in my family cares so much about you ⭐⭐girl. You’ve got yourself not just fans but family as well.
We are behind you, we’ll stand by you and with you always. 

Loyal ElitePrecious❤