Always wearing the most beautiful smile, carefully masking every inch of the pain with an outward appearance that suggests perfection. Always wanting everyone around to feel good, literally putting their feelings before yours over and again.

Subconsciously self-sabotaging a couple of times, albeit live television. Never fitting into the box of the typical African woman without a care in the world. Living your truth and unashamedly wearing your heart on your sleeve. Showing vulnerability, even when it hurts the most.

Purpose driven, with the strongest drive of independence, hustler to the last, ambitious to a fault. Every pinch of confidence built has only been from within. A lover to the core with the biggest heart, the sweetest spirit void of even the slightest bit of maliciousness.

Carefree and a baby at heart, only wanting to give everyone love and getting same in return. Deeply rooted in the foundation of loyalty, fearlessly saying it as it is, yet without a fibre of spit, over and again.

Well flawed and perfectly imperfect, therein lies her true beauty. Secretive with a “liru” bit of “cho cho cho” for balance. Unapologetic and fearless, with a kind of courage that can’t be described even with the finest adjectives. Taking life as it comes, never relenting.

Neither a rare nor limited version, but the only version there is and there would ever be of you. Diamonds are never randomly picked; hence you are one.

WOMAN!!! You’re enough. Ugomma, the world is yours to conquer. You’re not Star Girl for nothing, and this is just the beginning of the best days of your live.

Erica Ngozi Ugomma Nlewedim, it was a pleasure watching you for 7 weeks. Shine already.