Dear Erica Ngozi Nlewedim
My love for you is unexplainable , when they say there is love at first sight , I now understand . The only thing you did was smile and I was blown away. I was asking myself if her smile could make so happy I wonder what I’ll do if I see her live. I had to reschedule my normal routine and adjust yours while in the big brother house. There was a day I slept at 5am because you were up all night . I love how free spirited you are , how humble you are , how loving you are . You are indeed a blessing to many people you have taught me about loyalty, trust and most importantly being confident in everything I do and everything I have . I love love love you Erica you are a Star, you are Gold and nobody will take that away from you .

With love
Your South Africa🇿🇦 fanmily a Proud Elite
Palesa Mokoena