Where should I start from? Ok, Ngozi, a woman of virtue, a brandable woman, a bankable woman, the only woman that makes me go crazy when I have not seen her smile and still make go crazy when I eventually see her smile. Ugonma, you came to the show and made it a reality show, you blessed Elites with your smile, fashion sense and taught us how to love no matter the bad energy around us, you taught me especially to always smile amidst all troubles, you came, you saw and you conquered. Erica, I decided to search your name and the results brought out all your characteristics, a good listener, caring, compassionate,strong , comfortable to be around, gives awesome advice. You are a rare gem, your smile alone brings joy to Elite soul. Nlewedim, you are loved by us and Elites will always love you and support you. Really wish I could meet you, if you can grant me this wish, I will be the most happiest on earth. Yours sincerely , Oluwatosin