Dear Erica, I hope you’re doing well and happy, I hope you’re smiling beautifully like you always do, I hope you’re surrounded by those who love you and I genuinely hope your heart is at peace      Nlewedim Ngozi blessing Erica, like your name implies, you’ve been a blessing to the Elite league and watching you for most of us was like watching a mirror, I’m sure we can all point out parts of us that we saw in you, your vulnerability was sexy, your intelligence, your smile, your heart on a sleeve, your mouth with no filter and your beautiful and large heart, you were so quick to apologize and never blamed anybody for your mistakes, I love how you take responsibility for every wrong you do and I’m learning from that, I know you have so much to offer the world and I’m here to let you know that we’ll be solidly behind you, you have a family in every single one of us and I hope your dreams and aspirations manifest beautifully, I LOVE YOU AND I MISS THE OPPORTUNITY WE WERE GIVEN TO WATCH YOU, Forever a fan, Oluwatosin