Erica Nlewedim,

You were so Free, so happy, so real, so undiluted. You were just so carefree, and it was so Natural. It was all so beautiful, beautiful thing to see on the screen…oh my goodness, your smile!!! If the world is filled with people with smiles like yours, I am so confident that the world will be a happier place than it is today.your smile can heal Nations. Erica, I love you so much because you’re so pure, so relatable, so emotional, you wear your heart on your sleeve, and you put it all out there like “this is me: take it or leave it,” and that’s the most beautiful thing about you. You’re way younger than I am, but you’ve inspired me in ways that I have learned a lot from you. Your naivety makes me want to hold you and protect you from the world. But you’re your own woman, you own your actions, and you’re not apologetic about it! You’re so talented, so creative, and such a go-getter. Your loyalty is top-notch, the way you harbor no hatred and just want to resolve issues. Oh, dear!! The whole world is never going to accept you, but THEY WILL LEARN TO LIVE WITH YOU…because you, My girl, are here for the long run!!! – Olufunto, MD, MPH.