Erica Erica Erica!!!
You captured my heart more than I could imagine, how it all started I can’t explain, when you were sad I was sad when you were happy I was over joyous, when you laughed I laughed it’s me and you taking over the world together my star girl.
The world is not ready for you because a star shines brighter than all, no one is perfect and I can relate to that because both in your imperfections I remain loyal to you star girl and not just me my entire family loves you not like Loves you we are happy and proud to be part of the Elite family and league I love you Erica Ngozi Ugomma Blessing Nlewedim
Thanks for being you we are here for you. I am sending you love and light and I hope to see you soon.
I love you star girl from Odeyemi Olaide. And please yes adopt me o I am your child.
Love you star girl riri.