Dear Erica,               

Sometimes I just sit and think on the “WHY” question cause it brings clarity to you. Days ago I asked myself why do you love Erica so much and the list went on and on but the most striking one was how pure your heart is. My Dad keeps saying that the way your heart is so pure is what people should always aspire to be. Please share your secret cause it’s hard, I’m trying to not hold on to things,forgive easily and move on just like you do. This is one of the most important things I learnt from you this year. When the trend of #DearErica started my emotions were all over the place,seeing heart felt letters from people all over and I hope it makes you happy with the bond you didn’t even know you where creating. Finally I can put myself together and Express myself.  Erica you’re a Queen in soooo many ways,I love to see you smile,love to watch you dance,love to watch you rack your brain when you’re thinking with the wrinkle that forms on your forehead, I love to see you dress up and stunt that gorgeous body of yours,I love to watch you laugh,I love to watch you play,i love that you’re very expressive about how you feel(this takes alot of courage),I admire your strength. This is just to remind you that you’re indeed a STAR,one with a force coming to stay forever . I read a quote the other day and it said “What made her strong was despite the millions things that hurt her,she spoke nothing. Nothing but happiness”. You Emit Joy,happiness and much more despite what you’ve been through,that’s the definition of strength for me.keep being the strong STAR that they would have no choice but reckon with. Remember You are a beautiful piece of broken pottery,put back together by your own hands in critical world who just judges you because of your cracks but missing the fact of how beautiful you made yourself whole again and that’s fine because it takes beauty and strength to recognize that.Remain pure hearted and beautiful Queen. I love you from the depth of my heart                                         With Love,   Ochuko