My name is Nqobile Portia Ngxongo Al the way from South Africa , You stole my heart since you graced us with ur presence  on the 1st day on  that bbnaija stage your smile and that killer white dress you had on made me stan, as weeks went by i saw you transform into this incredible ,  strng , fierce  & independent woman  who wasn’t afraid to be herslf , who wasn’t  shy , fake or conscious  arnd  da cameras who wasn’t   scared to be vulnerable  (you taught me that it owk to cry it doesn’t mean ur weak )  my sweet sweet Erica I stan harder and harder everyday I voted tirelessly and it was worth it. I wished I could go inside dat house and tel u it okay u gt thz u have a strng family  outside and I am nt talking abt ur old family bt ur new family the  “Elities” ( ur ride or die family ) we elities love you Erica and we will forever love you as much. God HD another plan and I trust in him cz he never fails and he won’t fail u my Erica ,  my bby G  God will show off with u , and we Elities will be there with u every step of the way!!! Erica thank u for being human it is ur mistakes that made me love you u are loved her in South Africa knw thz Erica u have brothers , Sisters,  mothers and fathers here in South Africa so u never have to feel alone ever again