Dear Erica ,

My name is Petronella Nkuna from South Africa ,i am 26 years old same age as you so i would call you twinney from now on.You now have a twin


Sometimes good things fall Apart so better things can fall together . Be kind to yourself through your new journey . Let yourself feel everything you need to feel .one of the things I’ve learn from you is to be yourself always because when you are yourself that’s when you matter .

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do with your beautiful life , but i hope that whatever you choose , you go all in with everything you’ve got, every single day .i hope you are not afraid to dig deep within yourself as you chase your dreams. Chase them with so much passion and boldness as you possibly can .pour your heart into everything you do and go to bed each night so proud of yourself because you knew you gave it everything you had .

“Times heals everything “, this too shall pass and you be much better version of yourself like never before.If you are not where you want to be yet , you have to do something different to get you there.What happened it was preparing you for your next chapter of your life ,it was preparing you for your ,mental and physical strength because you will need it more this time . But with God beside you , you can get through everything.

I know you are a warrior, a fighter for what you believe in and never , ever hold back , fiercely go towards your dreams with boldness. Hold your ground in the face of conflict. Knock barries down with courage and grace .

Yours faithfully
Your Twinney