You are a star that shined and still shining brighter that all stars,you are a blessing that God decided to bless Africa with, you began a journey that you wanted for yourself but it ended up being the world’s own, we have learned and gained courage from you,it takes a brave person to stand and tell her own story, a story that brought Africa together, a story that gave hope to many, a story that drew me closer to God, you might not realize what your story has done in people’s lives but trust me I for what can bodly say your story made me have hope in mine, it said to me no matter how bad the situation is now God does not sleep nor slumber, thank you for being yourself, thank you for show us that what matters is hard work, may generations and generations of woman learn from you, you are a true STAR, A QUEEN FROM BIRTH, MAY GOD CONTINUES TO KEEP YOU UNDER HIS WING, MAY HE CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY, ELITES LOVE YOU SO MUCH