Dear Erica,

First of all, I trust you are well, and taking in your new life well.

Second, congratulations on keeping me glued to my TV/phone screen (I’m not even lying) for like 17 hours each day for 6 weeks and 4days, all because I wanted to know what’s up with you each day. Every reaction, emotion, and words. So real and relatable. Well done, you have done well. No human has, and will 99.9% never be able to achieve this feat. 

Dear Erica, I just want to tell you what I’m sure you already know, that God can draw good out of every seemingly bad thing that happens to us (His children). I’ve seen it happen, and I can see it happening to you right now, and I’m amazed all over again.

I’m a Physiotherapist, but one of my favorite pasttimes now is playing defense lawyer/fanbase recruitment manager, all for you! 

You are real, and only real can relate to you. And it gladdens my heart that all my family members(especially my mum) and good friends love you too. You indeed are a child of divine grace. 

May you rise above always!