I remember vividly the first time I opened the channel. You had wrapped yourself in that yellow throw with a smile on your face. I think I watched the channel for an hour and everytime I saw you on my screen you had a smile. I am always smile myself so I said to myself, ‘she is always smiling then I will open the tv and we can smile together.’ in my head you should always smile with me here in South Africa because we are pisces sisters. I loved the energy I got from you and I found myself hooked not even to the show but you, the star of the show. 
Walking this journey with you has been an emotional rollercoaster that I would mind doing it again. You are a sunflower, situations don’t define who you are. You bloom at a time when everyone is expecting you to wither. You are a strong woman that I will always tell people that I look up to. You are truly and amazing person who has touched so many hearts by just being yourself. Continue being this phenomenal that inspire young woman like myself to be the best vision of themselves. 
Love Ndelwe