Dear Erica,

Hmmm. Where do I start? I didn’t watch your entrance into the house but I noticed you during your introduction to the hms, then I remembered I saw you in “Hire a woman”.

Baby girl, I love your bubbly personality. My boyfriend even make jokes when I’m smiling just watching you saying if I was a man, I’m gone already.

I’ve never been attached to any bbn housemates to the point of defending there every action but there’s this constant need to fight your battles, defend you almost like you’re my sister. I’m also an only child,and an orphan so I understand you perfectly.

Going forward, I want you to make God your person, draw closer to him like you’ve never done before becaus nobody can drag or fight someone that gets their strength from God. Then think about yourself first, take time to heal, rest, travel the world, do not let the hate or opinion of others shake you because my love you’re a STAR and no one can dim your light.

I can’t wait to see you in person but I’m not in a hurry. Love you my star girl.

Love always and forever