DEAR HELEN OF TROY, the face that launched a thousand ships And burnt the topless towers of Ilium.

I know it hasn’t been a smooth journey to get to where you are today.
People may not see it, but the truth is that you’ve gone through so much, sacrificed those precious hours of sleep and even cried yourself to sleep during the difficult days. But despite everything, you soldiered on.. You kept your focus on your goals and fought hard to archive them. turning all those dreams into reality. You radiate a special kind of strength that Is so amazing. I’m in awe of your strength,vulnerability, independence and power.

You are all shades of beautiful Ngozi.. From your pinging forehead to your weirdly shaped toes, your flaws makes you,You.

Ugomma, you are nothing but Clay in the hands of the Potter “God”, focus on him and watch him mold you to greatness.
Keep being the bad bitch that you are, keep smiling, keep loving, keep learning, unlearning, striving to do better and be better always, keep shining like a star that you are and keep winning.

PS: stop eating bread and take care of your neck.

I love you Erica Coconut head Nlewedim and I’m excited to see you soar!! Love, Mo’.