Dear Erica, This is me typing my feelings down to you, this is me trying to ask you how you stayed strong in the house even with all the negativity, how your head is even higher than it was before you entered the show. You’re a person everybody needs to draw inspiration from, you’re beautiful in and out and even if the world doesn’t see it, I SEE YOU, ELITES SEES YOU.I remembered when I started watching the show, I didn’t even start on the first day, I started following on the second day, I didn’t check HMs names but the girl with a pretty smile caught my attention, I still didn’t check names but I was always looking for THE GIRL WITH A PRETTY SMILE each time I turn on my TV until I looked at your name and saw Erica, the name stuck just as the face did, now even if I am not seeing you as often as I want to, your face and your smile is still in my head and I don’t even want to get them out. I just want to remind that you’re beautiful, your humble, you’re bold, you’re sweet, you’re blessed beyond measure, you’re a blessing to the people around you, continue to shine like the star you are, we’ve gat you baby.I miss you, I miss your face, I miss all the faces you make, I miss your smile, I had to see your movie again so as to be able to look at you for a long time, come back to us as soon as you can, I love you, Elites loves you.