Dear EricaThe first time I saw u was in ‘Hire a woman’ movie that was before u went to BBN n guess what I just feel in love. I started searching if there are other movies u ar acting on I found a few I watched them every day PROJECTED them to get that big picture of u, fast forward when I saw your introduction I was screaming like a mad person, teeing the person I was watching with that there is Miss yummy smiles, since I was already a fan I had no choice but to stan u in that house only uYour personality screamed a lot to me, the way u have a gold heart, the way u care, love shocked me n for that I feel deeply in love with u, when u prayed I was like God she is your daughter why won’t I love her, she loves the word why won’t I Stan her from that day I gave myself a premium badge as ur fanI love the way u are care free, when u said u were the only child I was like God she fears u I do too, she is the o le child I am too, God let her be my imaginary big sister and u are my big sisterHaha my friends, family are tired of hearing me telling them about u everyday now I got a knew name.. guess what they call me Erica and I have accepted that with my full chestYour confidence, maturity, eager to do more with ur career I have inherited all that.. I might be in a field different from yourself but the way u are self driven makes me want to be more like u, to absorb that energy frm u Thank you for gracing our screens May the good Lord richly bless u, and grant u all the desires of ur heartYou should come to Botswana one day
With love from
Your Lil sister, Mack