You caught my attention the moment you walked on that stage, your walk was of a classic lady. since then, I knew you must be special, thus i kept my full attention on you. It didn’t take long for me to love your smile, especially without make up…it really stands out to be the brightest and your whole face goes along with it. Eventually, I also noticed that your personality is 95% of mine…bubbly, loyal, loving, caring, honest and the life of the party! I enjoyed every moment I watched you and my love for you grew more everyday. When you had fun, I had fun, when you laughed, I laughed, when you danced on Saturdays, I danced, when you cried, I cried as well and the most important was, your victories were mine to celebrate. I wish you to be more strong and remember to feed yourself with the love that you are receiving because it will truly help you overcome negativity and bad energy towards you…Obstacles will always be there but, I will love you to step and walk over them confidently with your classic walk. 
With love, LAIMI – Namibia