Kachi O.

Dear Erica, 
I am filled with smiles writing this love letter to you. My name is Kachi and sincerely speaking, I have never really been a fan of Big Brother Naija but this year’s own was different. Before I started watching it with my full attention, a friend of mine, Uju was always talking about you, writing about you on her WhatsApp status. I went to visit her one day at her place and her Tv Station was on BBNaija throughout, e shock me.

The one that scattered my head was when I woke up at 2am and she was watching it, shouting Erica up and down and talking about how pure her heart is. My sleep was disrupted, so I had to watch it with her. 

When I returned to my place that day, I went to your IG page to feed my eyes, but guess what, my eyes and mind were fed. My mind was fed because I had this idea of models to be in a certain way but you were not exactly like that and you were still making waves. I was inspired to be myself and rock myself! Your life as a model especially is just want I want to be some day. 

Fast forward to when I started watching BBN on my own, I couldn’t help but single out your beauty, smile, glow, positive vibes and open heart from the rest of the housemates (I have to admit that I loved the idea of you and Kidd, although this letter is all about you️). 

The day you were disqualified, I was so unstable. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention how I usually complained, seeing you playing your games and laughing especially when you didn’t have time again to complete your tasks. I usually said with smiles on my face or sometimes anger, ‘Erica will be doing sme sme and will be laughing ontop’. Somehow, all these endeared me to you. 

When you left BBN, I returned to default setting. I stopped watching it. I turned on post notification on IG on @bbnnaija_lockdowngist’s page, but guess what, ‘if Erica ain’t there, I no watch’. 

I want you know that it is okay to fail at a task, it is okay to be disqualified, it is okay to be disappointed and all these are okay, simply because you are a human being. 

Dear Erica, I think it is safe for me to say at this point that I love you unconditionally and I just want to be sure that you are happy. People have said trash to me because you, but I tell them FEM!

Dear Erica, it will be a blessing to have one or two shoots with you and if you don’t want that, it is perfectly okay. I just want to meet you someday. 

I love you always ️. 
With love,Kachi Okocha