The first time I saw you on my screen… I don’t know what made me stay glued to the screen but whatever it was… I’m glad it happened. 

I love you beyond words can tell…. I see a replica of me in you.. The only difference is in the name; I’m Jolomi and you’re Erica.

You’re beautiful, you’re caring, you’re gorgeous, you’re a queen and you’re a Star. 

Your flaws make you more perfect than ever. Your aura and self confidence is top notch. 

The loyalty you’ve always wanted… you have it now.

I miss seeing you on my screen. I’ve watched hire a woman countless times because I just want to see you smile. Your smile is beautiful Erica. 

I honestly can’t wait for your meet and greet session. It will be my first time attending one but I don’t mind because it’s you. 

Please take your time to heal and don’t rush things…. 

whenever you’re back, we’ll always be here rooting for you. 

I love you sooo much Erica Ngozi Ugonma Nlewedim 

I love you 

With so much love, 

Jolomi; the one who sees herself in you