Dear Erica,
I want you to know that you are the first celebrity that is important to me. Your sunshine smile won me over. I had never seen someone smile brightly as you do in my entire life. I strongly believe I met a soul mate in you. I recognised that smile as one of the characteristics of people that have gone through a lot but still choose to smile. You’re a strong, conquerer, hard-working loving and extremely lovable person.
The way I leaped for the remote to increase volume Every time you came on the screen ‘coz your deep conversations carried a lot of sense. My sleep pattern changed completely and up to now am still struggling ‘coz I had to sleep when you do and wake up with you to make sure am ready to defend any misunderstanding from agendists and also not to miss any of your moments.
If I keep writing I’d end up making a book ‘coz I have a lot on my heart for you so let me force myself to stop.
I love you Erica Star Girl Baby G Ngozi Ugomma Nlewedzzzzimm. Continue being the real queen and bright Star that you are. You’ve blown up and this world will never be ready for you but continue holding your head high. Wisdom will always be your portion. God guide you always.
Your super loving fan.
Uganda loves u