This is more than a letter to me. This is my heart in writing.Nlewedim Ngozi Ugomma Erica, you caught my heart the very first day I saw you on my screen. I remember I had to even send you a DM on IG telling you how I see myself in you.My love for you was greater than anything going on in that show. I loved you because of what I saw in you. I loved you because of what you’d become. I loved you because I saw a star that nothing nor no one can conceal.You’re the definition of ‘realness’. You gave us “yourself” to see and accept you for who you are. You made me realize that there’s so much one can achieve when there’s no one to support you. You showed me the confidence of a woman.
You are more than a source of inspiration for me. I admire you a lot. Your sense of style, your elegance, your organic personality, I love them all.You’re a Queen, stand tall and stand strong. This is the beginning of greater things in your life dear, the sky is your starting point. 
I’ll pray for you always that happiness shall never depart from your side. God will use those around you to comfort and support you always. May your beautiful smile never depart from you. You will go places. Those places that people have entered and come out unsuccessful, you’ll enter and come out with great harvest and testimony. God got you always babe, I got you always too. You won’t understand how much I love you. I hope for the best for you.You’re a big motivation to me. Ezenwaka Jennifer loves you