#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica, 
When this season of BBNaija started, I was a little skeptical about watching as I had a whole lot on my mind (mostly frustration) at that time and felt like I didn’t need any distractions.  On day 3 of the show a colleague at work tuned in and said “Jayce, come and see this lady with a very beautiful smile” I looked up from my desk and damn! I was smitten. I started to watch the show because I wanted to see that beautiful smile. Watching you felt like I was watching myself because I could totally relate to most of the things you experienced. A lot of stones have been  and will continue to be thrown at you, I hope you don’t let them get to you, it’s obvious God is on your side and the elite army are solidly behind you. Go forth ⭐girl and do exploits because baby you’re indeed a fire work. 
Love, Jayce