Dear ERICA NLEWEDIM, I have been avoiding writing this letter to you because my emotions have been all over the place concerning you but I think I’m ready now *I hope you read my letter because it’s straight from my heart *I’m not going to dwell on your journey in the BBN house rather I’m writing to you as an individual.Watching you on my screen for just 49 days, I was privileged to see you for who you really are (a sweet, free spirited, gentle, ambitious, honest,  intelligent, caring,loyal, romantic, determined lady with some sort of child-like innocence) and the list goes on. I have never loved a stranger this much but I don’t regret giving you all this love because you boldly and honestly showed me your true self.You are definitely flawed, aren’t we all?  But that term “Perfect imperfection ” is exactly how I would describe you I pray God directs you to work on your flaws but in doing so don’t loose the essence of yourself because it is the purest I have ever seen 
I want you to know that you are now One of my role models and I have just two… I have learnt and will keep learning a lot from you.
I love you ERICA NGOZI UGOMMA NLEWEDIM ——Irene Okafor; a fan!