#DearErica Ngozi Ugomma Nlewedim,Knowing nd seeing you on tv was the best gift i cld eva wish for after seeing ur movie “hire a woman” which was prior to the show.i am an only child too wit just my mom,which was why i connected with u while watching u..we are similar cos i always want pple around me..no malice just want to b happy..i value friendship more than anything cos i fear loneliness.       Growing up as an only child is a feat i wldnt even wish for anyone..Baby gee,now the family u have always wanted is here.Hope ur arm is wide enough to hug us all.        I love you so much for being yourself..keep your head high cos we gat u,never look for trouble,hope and always pray to God.Most importantly always always watch ur back,now u are a star nd forever dazzling…pple will do anything to pull u down but nevermind ..ur clean hands Will always speak nd fight for you.Never forget where u come from..And be strongI love you.                                            With love from                                               Ifunanya                                                             (An Elite)