STAR GIRL ERICAIt’s with so much joy in my heart that I write this hoping you’ll read it with a big smile on your faceDear Erica, you’re one amazing human and I’m so blessed to have watched you on my screen, you’re beautiful, you’re kind, you’re sweet, you’re loving, you’re prayerful, you’re realI love how you don’t take things to heart, I love how your eyes kinda enter your head when you smile, I love the fact that you are free with anyone and everyone, I love your confidence, I love that fact that you’re so humble and free spririted,I love that the fact that you’re such an amazing actress, I love the fact that you are full of life, I love you cos life has thrown a lot in your face but you still stand tall never letting anything bring you down, I love you Erica Ngozi Nlewedim cos everyday I watched you, I learnt something new from youI love your energy, I love your vibe, I love the way you danceErica God’s gat you, keep being you, the world is not ready for the greatness embedded in you, the world is not ready for the way you’ll so shine like that the star that you areI miss you and I hope you’re doing great—From Grace Ahuoiza, an Elite foreve