#DearErica, Cameroonian


Dear Erica, 

My name is Gina Ebob (Miss Gina Promotes), I’m a cultural and digital promoter from Cameroon. 

From the first day you walk into the BBN house, you got my attention with your beautiful smile. Your smile is your trademark never lose it. 

It may sound weird to you but I want you to know that I invested myself so much and I was addicted to your beautiful self on my screen, which sometimes made me uncomfortable when the cameras don’t show you. 

I cried when you felt down and smiled hard when you were happy. You are an epitome of beauty, an amazing lady, and PURE at heart. 

Your life story is something I relate to on so many levels. We share so many similarities… You are a strong lady.

I had to put your photo as my wallpaper so that anytime I grab my phone, I get to see your gorgeous face.

You are a QUEEN filled with so many talents. My prayer and wish are to see you EXCEL beyond. May God Exceed your Expectations in all levels. 

I can go on and on… But let me end by saying, I will be here to support you, if you ever wish to come to Cameroon just know your number one fan is here for you. 

Keep your head up high and DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS.

I love you. From Miss Gina Promotes.