#DearErica, Nigerian


You effortlessly inspired and taught us lessons we’ll carry in our lives forever.Elites are a family you have earned. Whatever the future brings, one thing you should be sure of is Elites will be right there to go through it with you. Take all the time you need to heal. Healing is not a straight road, one day you’ll be up and the next you might not be at 100% but we shall ALWAYS be there with you. And remember it’s you above everyone else, focus on yourself and only get out when you’re ready. We shall be waiting for you no matter the amount of time it takes, you will come out and take over the world… You are a strong, Independent and talented Queen. Nothing that’s happening right now defines you, it just proves you are human like the rest of us. So take your time.The throne is waiting for you whenever you’re ready Queen.                                I LOVE YOU FOREVER