Oh how I love you Erica.
Your smile! Your carriage. Your frame. Your beauty.Your style.The Aura.Erica Ngozi Ugomma Nlewedim.
I wish I could buy super powers to wipe them all up and give you a very beautiful story. How can this goddess with a captivating personality have these stories? You don’t look a bit like what you’ve been through. I’m proud of you my baby.
You rose everyday, walked with gait, wearing your signature smile, you carried the show on your shoulders! What a WOMAN.
Halleluyah! It was out of love for you.I was happy for the first time in 3 weeks.
You won hearts. You won tasks. You won the world over to your beautiful corner.Amazing WOMAN.
I felt so much pain whenever you were hurting. I would laugh hard whenever you laughed. Your mushy moments with your love interest were all the awwwwww I needed to pimp things up with my husband. Oh! You won him over too.We are die hard fans.
May you never have to go through roughness in life anymore. May you find ease in all you lay your hands to do. May your joy be permanent. That smile will always be genuine in Jesus name. 
Please surround yourself with the right people. Stay focused on your career while fixated on your special love. We all need genuine love in this life.
Carry your elites along. Don’t disappear.Seek help at every point you need it.May God’s presence remain with you. May you be strengthened in the face of battles. May you remain victorious in all spheres of life. 
Stargirl! I love you.
Remember, you have a sister in me.Should you need to talk exclusively to someone, I’m available. 
Yours sincerely,Your sister in Ibadan,Funmilola A. Adeniran@angellorla (Twitter)