#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica my gee(to-be)
You are amazing. I hope my email get your attention
I am sure you are doing great and chopping life.
Okay here this is what I think of you:
-Your smile is so beautiful really wish there is a way I can be seeing those smiles daily but please never stop smiling.
-You are nice, friendly and playful
-You are intuitive and strike me as goal getter
-You are a  very curious person which is so fun 
-You are a Friend that other friends feel lucky to have
-You are someone who is loyal and supportive to your friends and loved ones.
-You strike me as one who is quite selfless with a big heart.
-Last but I’m sure not the least you come off as one who is down to earth and open minded.

I really wish we could be friends or see one day funny thing I added it to my daily prayers. Lol  You would forever be my star girl and  yes I have missed  your smiling face.
Love you babe.Cheers