Dear Erica,
If I was told that I would one day fall in love with someone’s personality on tv, I would have disagreed vehemently. You showed up on my screen and I had no other option but to fall in love because I could tell you were a beautiful soul. When someone asked why you were my fave at the beginning of the show, I said you reminded me of me (even down to the mood swings) and who I would want to be. It was refreshing to see someone I could finally relate to on my tv. I loved the fact that you were geninue, flawed and flawless, pure-hearted, childlike, large hearted, ambitious, talented and the list is endless. You were incredible on the show. A symbol of a modern woman. You are loved. You are celebrated. I cannot even explain the impact you had on me because I cannot put them into words. But I’m glad you graced my screen. I hope and pray that you keep shining. I pray that you conquer great heights. I pray that you get all the love you will ever need and more. “It was never in the stars to hold your destiny because the star is you”. Shine on Star girl!
With love,Fola.