Dear Erica,
I knew you from the movie “Hire A Woman” and I was like I must go look for you on Instagram. This I eventually did but didn’t follow through, I just saved one of your pictures there.
Seeing you on that stage that night made me super excited because all I wanted was to see a familiar face on that stage and boom, you came along. Trust me before and after you got into the house, I watch that movie anytime I come across it on tv and I also have it on my Laptop because it features amazing acts that I like.
The next thing I noticed was that permanent smile on your face and bubbly personality which was the same I saw in that movie and this made me choose you as my fav this season.
Then you mentioned the school you attended and I’m like ok, ok, an Eagle like me, I see the connection there.
All these and more made me develop this special love for you and trust me this is actually my first time watching a season of bbn live, I was more of a Twitter watcher in previous seasons.
With all of this said, all I wish for you is the very best, keep being you, take your time girl, the world will have to adjust and learn to be patient. You are a STAR ⭐️⭐️⭐️keep shining, never let anyone and anything dim your light. You are loved and you took us through a very relatable journey.
See everything that happened as an experience because with life comes experience.
Keep your head high, wear your crown like the QUEEN that you are, you are MAJESTY. The world’s not ready for you dear. I wish you God’s endless blessings and cheers to a new and better life, you are no longer walking alone, ELITES are here for you.
And finally, I got to follow you, Amazing stuff 🤣

                                                  Love, Farrah