Hi Erica, I really cannot remember the exact moment when I chose you as my favourite in the house, but I remember why – you’re as pure as they come. Your kind and sweet heart, coupled with that beautiful smile captured our hearts. I relate to you on so many levels- your ability to be vulnerable, the need to express yourself when you’re hurt by someone’s actions and the way you own your sexuality. You genuinely see the good in other people even when they don’t deserve it and I hope this never stops, regardless of all that has happened. It’s easy to tell you to be strong and forge ahead, but if you need to cry and take out time to get over all the pain, please do so but promise me that you’ll get up, wipe those tears and kick ass! You’re destined for greatness, Erica and this is really just the beginning for you. We are extremely proud of you and everyday that you were on my screen was my favourite moment of the show. You are loved, truly and wholly by a LOT of people. It’s actually incredible and I hope you hold on to this and never second guess your value and importance in our lives. We are here to cheer you, to support you and to pray for you! Baby G, don’t ever think you let yourself down or disappointed us. You’re going to live your best life yet, and you’ll have us by your side, cheering, supporting and praying for you! You’re our star girl and the world is certainly not ready for you! Love, Kachi.

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