Dear Erica.I’ve been staring at my screen wondering what to write, because trust me it’s A LOT. When you read this just know I love you. Watching you everyday became a source of my happiness. It was weird how I always rushed home just to look at this particular girl, you’re a force I can’t resist. 
At first it was your smile nature that caught my eye, but as time went on, your personality, your care free nature, your ambition, your charisma, your unending talents, your independence, your flaws, your pretty angry face EVERYTHING about you is irresistible. 
Words can’t express the love I have for you because I can go on all day trying to put it into writing, but being a member of the elite league is a blessing, supporting you is a blessing and loving you is a blessing.  
I will always tirelessly have your back. And oh, I miss you so much.