Dear Erica, I remember the first time I heard you sing. That was my point of attraction. You were in the garden wearing a black swimsuit. Everything about you stood out. Your voice, your body, your smile, the way you danced, heck, even your ponytail.Moving forward, I unconsciously kept looking for the girl with that captivating smile every time I turn on the TV. You were beautiful inside as you were outside. I smiled when you smiled, cried when you cried and loved when you loved.Sometimes I would yell at you to grow a pair and stop crying for people that don’t deserve but you just can’t stop being you. When you love, you give it your all and I know how devastating that could be.You came, you lived, you loved and you learned. I sometimes wish things could have turned out different, but I know that God plans for you are supreme. I love you my Erica. You’re the brightest thing that ever happened to 2020. I’ll support you however I can. Keep shinning!