Good morning Star girl. I’m super duper grateful that you ever graced my screen, I’m grateful that I fell in love with a beautiful soul like you, I’m grateful to even know you, I’m grateful to be part of the family. I loved you more when I realized you’re an only child cos I’m an only child too and I was able to relate with everything that happened. I hope to see you going places cos the sky is your starting point. I really admire you especially your determination and strength. Tbvh, you inspire me and I want to push myself to that limit too and make myself realize I’m enough and I can be great or succeed with my own name like you. I love you, keep shining like the Golden Star you are and keep taking over the world cos it is time already. Peace and love. I hope to write to you more and talk heart to heart to you like you’re my new found sister. Take care of yourself and less stress please. I LOVE YOU ERICA NLEWEDIM