Closet Elite

My dearest ERICA, thank you for giving me the opportunity to know you and love you unconditionally .

If anyone had told me I’d love someone I’ve never met like this not to even mention from a reality show, I’d have made fun of the person but thanks to you, the joke is on me.

Thanks for being unapologetically you.

Thanks for being flawed and making mistakes you are never afraid to learn from.

Thanks for those endearing smiles.

Thanks for wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Thanks for being an absolute sweetheart.

Thanks for being confident.

Thanks for being a complete STAR GIRL.

Every word in the song “Already “ on your appreciation post is who you think you are and more.

Be your own king my love because you’ve got the mind, body, soul and you got a king body.

It’s time for you to shine STAR GIRL ERICA