Hi Erica,

When I saw you were one of the housemates, you face was familiar, then I realized I had seen you from hire a woman.

I loved you in hire a woman, I love you even now. I think you’re a really amazing person, loveable personality and a beautiful smile. You’re beautiful in every sense of the word, you’re also really brave, you did something I could never do – putting myself out there, flaws & all. So I applaud you.

I want you to know that you’re loved, by me and everyone in my family. We only really want her big brother cos of you. I believe that the sky is your starting point and that you’ll be propelled to greater heights, you’ll be casted in more block buster movies cos I really want to see you on my screen.

If you ever feel down, remember there’s a whole army of us rooting for you. I love you and God bless