Dear Erica,
Seeing you on my screen from the day 1 of BBN, admiring how beautiful you are, getting to
understand your personality and loving you and you being my favourite housemate has been
an awesome experience!
You’re an amazing young lady with a great personality. You aren’t just beautiful outwardly, you are also beautiful at heart. Your smile is so contagious and at the same time charming.
As you continue to pursue your heart desires, I wish you the best. I want you to milk this golden
opportunity and get the best out of it. I want to see you grow so big and achieve all you’ve
always wished for. I want you to become a world class actress and your name, a household
Girl, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you’re loved. You’re a STAR and just like stars, you
shine effortlessly and so bright.
I love you so much. ELITES loves you so much.
From your fan turned distant little sister.