#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica, I’ve never been a believer of love at first. I knew it really did exist but I thought it was too cliche. Early this year I watched “Hire a woman”. Your smile, damn that smile! That should be the most beautiful thing that happened to me this year,and for the first time I fell in love at first sight!
Then came big brother and you walking in with all your glory, in your ponytail and beautiful white dress! Can you put that white dress up for auction or something?
Watching you daily became my joy, you wore your heart and your sleeve and indeed you gave us a show!! You changed the dynamics of what a Nigerian woman should be like! You made us know it was okay, very okay to say no and follow your heart. You let us know that friendship was to be valued. Everyday with you on my screen was a blessing.
So Dear Erica, this is me Celine sending love and Light and letting you know that this love is here to stay!
I love you so much beautiful, exceptional, strong, independent black woman! – Celine.