I have been watching big brother for about 14 years and for me this season was a season of many firsts. The most shocking first, however, was how you snuck up on me and STOLE MY WHOLE HEART!!!!I can’t even recall the exact moment I started to love you the way I do. There is this intense emotional connection to you that I don’t think I’ll ever understand. We have never seen anyone like you and I doubt we ever will. You made us laugh, cry, cringe, scream (all in the space of a few hours), you would wake up the next morning and smile that your Chinese fish smile and the slate would be wiped clean. You are a star, my love. My omalicha. So raw, organic and unfiltered. So unapologetic and unafraid to live your truth. It was a pleasure to watch you grace our screens with your presence. A pleasure to watch you share so much of yourself with us. Take as much time as possible to heal but don’t take too long. We miss you so much.
Love you BabyG.