Dear Erica, 
I promised I was not going to watch BBN after Mercy (loved her to bits). But one fine evening, I tuned in and saw this pretty lady in the diary session. She said “ohhhhh…..I forgot about…..”  with a big and enthusiastic smile, and a warm expression which was pure, radiant and innocent. That day, I saw a star. 
In the house, everyone expected you to stay flowery. You were not a liar. You revealed your all – the good, the beautifully human and the perfection. The most talked about housemate. The beautiful Erica. 
A day after leaving the show, you came out to speak about it, with the same energy and the same beautiful smile we first saw. How did you do that?  You are stronger than any one I have ever seen on the show! 
Your weaknesses are your strengths. Your slips are the station of your elevation. That’s the mentality you have – the one we saw, the one we love. 
The Elite Mentality!!