Dear Erica,
I know it’s long but please read till the end.
This is the first time I have ever been invested in a reality TV show and I can say it has been a wonderful experience because it has made me know you. I liked you from your very first diary session, you were so bubbly, positive and honest about everything you said. I started seeing myself in you when you cried that day because you missed your friends. I just imagined myself in your situation and I knew I would have reacted the same. Like you, I am an ambivert, very bubbly around people I am comfortable with and reserved with others. I know you entered the big brother house to step out of your comfort zone, to make friends and to seek the fame you always wanted. From the beginning,  I related with you so deeply because I have always been one who craves love from people around me. I have learnt a lot from your time in the house. The first being, I should believe that I am enough and I don’t need validation from anyone.I also learned that I should be myself no matter what. I have also learned that to let go of any anger or disappointment I have with people because people will always disappoint and you can’t change that, the only thing you can change is your reaction go their actions. People are judging you based on their opinion forgetting that we are all human. Do not allow them get to you because we all make mistakes and we learn from them. I will never stop supporting you because I know from what I watched that you are indeed a pure soul. You confidently showed us every part of you and I am sure I speak for all elites when I say we are all extremely grateful for that. I love you so much Erica. I don’t have a sister so I take you as mine. I have never felt so much empathy for someone I don’t know and this is because you were so transparent. Achieve those big dreams you always talk about, make a difference, become a greater version of yourself. After doing all these, you will find out that the people who hated you will end up turning to believers because you are a star who has been shining and is about to unlock a greater level of brightness that will shame everyone who ever doubted you. Remember to focus on the love Erica,  we will always be behind you no matter what decision you make.  
Love from your new sister, Amanda