I am still speachless, because i dont really no the write words to use and i cant really express how overwhelming Erica makes me feel.. i love her so much.. i literally smile to my self anytime her thought enters my head, that’s how mad i am.. i remember one morning my mum called me and said hope erica is your fave because two of you have some similarities and her smile makes me happy, i was like Erica stole my heart since 2016 i have been following her since then i was among her 1st 2000 followers on Ig.. seeing her walk that stage on the 19th of July made my entire year so yes mum Erica is my fave. I really missed those smiles of yours Erica I can’t stop the imaginations of how i will misbehave the day i will finally see a glimpse of your teeth oh my God lets leave the story for another day. Dear Erica you make me so happy in the midst of my troubles i still find my self smiling at your pictures, i love you so much.. words can’t really explain it, you are represented us well and gave me hope when i thought all was lost Thank you for being too strong, Thank you for being a good role model, Thank you for being so beautiful like you are the most beautiful woman ever.. no cap, Thank you for stay true to yourself and thank you for gracing our TVs.. i will forever be in my corner rooting and praying for you. God bless you bigger bigger bigger..
Love from Amanda to Nlewedim Erica blessing ngozi ugonma