Dear Erica Ngozi Ugomma Nlewedim A.K.A Star Girl, President of the Elite League.

On Sunday July 19th 2020, I had been waiting eagerly for the launch of a new season of a reality show. When it finally launched I was eager to look for someone to support wholeheartedly. To be honest I did not hesitate to pick you because I knew that I had so much to learn from you.

From that point onwards my love for you grew & grew. As I watched you on daily basis you taught me a lot of lessons, such as being real, truthful, kind & happy. Additionally what amazed me was how you made yourself happy in such an environment because most of us search for it elsewhere however, it shows how you stand out from everyone.

Ngozi, you are phenomenal, execptional, beatiful, gracious, precious & outstanding. The Lord knew what he was doing when he created you. You are a gem with an irresistable & immeasurable value.

As an Elite, it is my duty to hype, praise & celebrate you at any given time. I promise to do so as long as I live on this earth.

Ugomma, the world is at your footstool, use it to your full advantage, you have achieved so much & you are yet to achieve more, better & greater things.
You have so much to offer to this world.

God is going to use you in various ways to impact this world.
Erica, you are a game changer, you are our light in dark times.
May the Lord move you to higher heights.
May success be given to you in an aboundance.
May the Lord be your protector, guider and shield.
May he grant you the grace & favour to achieve all that you can achieve on this earth.
May you live long to see the fruits of your labour.
May the Lord give you peace at all times.
May the Lord provide the right people to guide, advice & lead you to the path of more success, grace, favour & prosperity.
May the Lord grant you wisdom understanding & insight to make decisions that will bring very positive & excellent results.
When the time comes may the Lord give you a suitable partner, a respectful gentleman, a man who exceeds your expectations.
May your future generations blossom & grow beautifully in the eyes of the Lord.

The Lord is right beside you my dear.

You are a diamond. Reach for the stars they are yours.

I have so much more to stay but I do not want bore you.

You are always in my prayers.

Yours Sincerly
Adline Odei : A Proud Elite